There was filmed a short movie about pulmonary hypertension

There was filmed a short movie about pulmonary hypertension

The spark of kindness hasn`t yet been put out.

       If you do good deeds, never stop in your intentions. Going along the  path of kindness, you will certainly find your associates. Kindness has no borders, no time limits, no age restrictions. The phenomenon of kindness has got a kind of chain reaction and viral nature. It  softly burns your heart with love, strengthens your spirit and changes the world.

       Lviv Charitable Foundation of “Sister Delilah» thanks everyone who helps  its patients with pulmonary hypertension not to  lose faith, especially in the current turbulent times.

       The fire of kindness would have been put out if it were  not for little spark that flamed.       There was filmed a short movie about pulmonary hypertension with the main character – Makarchuk Hrystynka, a little girl who is suffering from pulmonary hypertension. The objective of the movie –is to spread information about the disease,to show it  treachery and danger. We thank all people who contributed to filming a movie, namely, the owner of sports and entertainment center «SkyPark»- Victor Vikarchuk who agreed to shoot in his wonderful family center of active leisure, we are also grateful to the director of the center, Ms. Irene, who provided the entire second floor for film-making process, as well as a friendly staff of children’s Center. It’s nice when people are open to dialogue and always welcomed to help.

        Special thanks Lviv City Organization “Children’s Television Theatre” Yurashky “” in the face of Natalia Kutsenko that came with kids to shoot video. Using this opportunity  we would like to express our gratitude to  parents who have entrusted their children to us and of course the children who took part in the shooting.

     Martha Andriy Dorosh also joined to the chain of kindness. They were responsible for the footage. Our sincere gratitude to this young couple.

       It is impossible not to mention the makeup artist, the head of the Lviv School of Beauty, Irene Dalekorey, who once again proved her professionalism, making an excellent makeup to Hrystynka Makarchuk`s mother Svitlana, a beautiful and courageous woman. Svitlana is ready to do everything in order to save her daughter. 

        Roman Starchak helped us in the organizational issues. We thank him for ideas and tips.

       Any good deed can`t be carried out without a prayer. Of course, without the nuns` prayer which we strongly felt, we would not have done all these. Extremely grateful for the spiritual support.

       We are sincerely  grateful to all who contributed and made ​​this day a holiday for Hrystynka. She was like a real “star”. We are very pleased that we gave her a smile and positive emotions. On this day, this smile was the most important for us.

       How nice it is  to give children happiness! How little they need for happiness.We hope that with the fairing of social video, a problem of pulmonary hypertension will be heard. Hrystynka Makarchuk will feel the support of all open hearted people.