To become a ward

In order we could help you, you need the following documents:

  1. 1. Story about yourself (or a child), disease development, condition, sum of money per 1 month of treatment.
  2. 2. Application to Foundation (according to an example).
  3. 3. Agreement with Foundation (according to an example).
  4. 4. Copy of your passport.
  5. 5. Copy of your ID number.
  6. 6. Copy of birth certificate for a child. Copies of passport and ID number of a parent (if it is a child who needs support).
  7. 7. Copy of disability ID document.
  8. 8. Copies of medical records from hospital that submit your diagnosis.
  9. 9. Picture of You (or a child) to put on our website.

The agreement and application you can download from here:

All copies of documents must be signed: «Copy is correct. Date and signature».
Agreement, application and all copies of documents according to the list should be sent by “Ukrposhta” mail post to the address: 79013 Lviv, Hlyboka str 12 – Charitable Foundation “Sister Dalila” or by “Nova Poshta”, Department №15: Lviv, Heroiv UPA str 6 (tel. 097 693 87 Hulei Andrii Bohdanovych).