Expert groups at Ministry of Health

CF “Sister Dalila” and PHURDA are active participants of the Groups of experts and specialists involved in the work of the Permanent Working Group of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the profile support for purchases in the areas of “Medicines for citizens suffering from pulmonary arterial hypertension” and “Medicines and medical devices for patients in the pre- and postoperative period for transplantation”.

What is the Expert Group of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine?

Робота в групі експертів МОЗ

This is a group of experts and specialists: doctors, representatives of public organizations, charitable organizations, in each of the areas of public procurement, who:

  1. Analyze applications regarding the need for medicinal products from all regions of Ukraine. They check whether all patients are included in the applications; whether the necessary amount of drugs is indicated correctly. The region is notified of errors that must be corrected, clarify the application and send a new one.
  2. Develop proposals for the nomenclature (list) of medicines and medical devices. The nomenclature is a list of medicinal products and medical devices that are purchased annually by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine for patients with state funds. In order to include a new medicinal product in the nomenclature, a detailed justification for the use of such a drug in the world, a detailed justification of the effectiveness, safety, cost-effectiveness of the medicinal product, calculation of the cost of the treatment course, and the number of patients requiring treatment with this drug are required.
  3. Develop proposals what to direct the savings of budget funds on, what medicines should be additionally purchased to cover a greater number of patients’ needs.
  4. Proposals developed by expert groups are submitted for approval to the Permanent Working Group of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.