St. Nicolas Day

Every year before the St. Nicholas Day, “Sister Dalila” Charitable Foundation makes the dreams of children with Pulmonary hypertension, PH patients` children, and children whose parents died of PH.

The Saint Nicholas is the patron saint of children. Saint Nicholas or Nicholas the Wonderworker, Nicholas the Beloved, is considered to be the patron of sailors, travelers, merchants and children. He was a real man who helped the suffering, for which he was canonized.

“Sister of Dalila” Charitable Foundation sends letters to benefactors from children, in which they write about their dreams and wishes. The young and the old, who in their own way have been affected by PH exteremely believe in miracles.

Benefactors make children’s wishes true, prepare gifts for them, and we pass everything to children.

We want children not to forget to dream and want miracles. A smile, the child`s joy is the most valuable gift for us.

Thanks to the the St. Nicholas Day campaign iniciative, 5 PH diseased children have already received electric scooters as a gift, which help them to move and spend time with their friends.

St. Nicolas Day