Lviv City Charitable Foundation of “Sister Dalila” is implementing the O2 Kids project, which aims to raise awareness about a rare disease – pediatric pulmonary hypertension and attract donations from philanthropists to purchase electric scooters for pulmonary hypertension diseased children in Ukraine.

Pulmonary hypertension causes shortness of breath in a child, limits activity, deprives of the joys of childhood.

An electric scooter for a child with pulmonary hypertension is not a toy or a luxury, but an opportunity to move, to have childhood emotions. This is invaluable.

Thanks to the project and benefactors, 4 children with this disease received electric scooters as a gift.

We made a video about the life of a boy Artemko who suffers from pulmonary hypertension. In order to draw the public attention to the issue, to call for support for the project.

About 172 children in Ukraine are diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension. We plan to implement this project so that more young patients feel the genuine emotions of childhood.

The O2 Kids project was initiated by the Austrian Association of Pulmonary Hypertension.

O2Kids - Electric scooter
O2Kids - O2 Kids project