For coffee

The project “For coffee” is a charity auction of dates with celebrities. It was aimed at helping orphan PH patient Alina Didusenko, who needed a heart & lung transplant. The funds were needed for food, accommodation, and additional expenses while Alina was waiting for heart and lung transplant in India.

Among celebrities who agreed to involve in project were: Kateryna Kit-Sadova (first lady of Lviv), Viktor Vinnyk (vocalist of the “Mary” music band), Nataliia Karpa (singer), Ihor Khudobiak (football player of FC “Karpaty”), Andriyan Hutnyk (deputy of the Lviv city council), Lesyk (singer at DZIDZ OFF), Ostap Drozdov (journalist, tv presenter).

For coffee

To participate in the Project, anyone could choose a star with whom they wanted to go for coffee, and had to make a bet of at least UAH 200. Applications for participation must be submitted online using the appropriate link.

The person who offered the highest amount of charitable contribution was chosen to meet the famous person. The lucky person made a charitable contribution and confirmed it with a receipt or an identity document.

The meetings took place in the “Del Pesto” restaurant, located at 6 Kostyushka St., Lviv.

Charitable contributions were transfered to Alina Didusenko.

On May 31, 2017, Alina Didusenko underwent a heart & lung transplant.

Results of the “For Coffee” Project:

  1. We have collected UAH 7,100 for Alina Didusenko.
  2. Public attention was drawn to the problem of pulmonary hypertension.