Volunteering, or volunteer activity – voluntary socially beneficial activity. It can be carried out both by individuals and organizations.

The Law of Ukraine “On Volunteering” defines it as a voluntary non-profit socially oriented activity carried out by volunteers through the provision of volunteer assistance (free work and services). According to this law, volunteer activity is a form of charitable activity and is based on the principles of legality, humanity, equality, voluntariness, non-payment and non-profit. It does not include activities carried out on the basis of family, friendship or neighborhood relations.

Volunteering is one of the forms of charity and one of the foundations of civil society. According to some estimates, every year in the world more than 100 million people participate in volunteer activities. Since 1985, International Volunteer Day has been celebrated annually on December 5.

Volunteers are ordinary people who invest their time, talent or resources in implementing socially useful projects. Each of us can do good deeds.

CF “Sisters of Dalila” and PHURDA implement many important and interesting projects. But it would be impossible to implement everything without the help of volunteers. Our volunteers perform important work every day, each of them has a specific mission. They are present at all our events and help in their organization, maintain pages in social networks, communicate with our partners and much more. It is important to understand that volunteering has no age limit. And the experience and skills gained are valuable. Volunteering is so diverse and comprehensive that it will help you understand in which direction to build your further career, find solace or just occupy your free time.

We sincerely thank each volunteer for their time and efforts in supporting and improving the quality of life of patients with pulmonary hypertension.

If you want to join us and become a volunteer of our community, you can contact us in the messenger Pulmonary Hypertension Association, write to us at fond.poryatunok@gmail.com or call +38097 151 09 01

We look forward to meeting you!!!