Tetyana Ivashchenko

Tetyana Ivashchenko

Autumn is always generous… It is generous for fruit and vegetables, which we have been waiting for all summer. Autumn is rich in mushrooms and other gifts of nature. We will learn in the fall to make good surprises for those who are waiting for them. There are people among us who will be especially grateful for the gifts.

Ivashchenko Tetyana Mykhailivna, born in 2004 from Boryslav has been a ward of the CF ” Sister Dalila” since September 10, 2021.

Diagnosis: Criss cross heart, complete atrioventricular communication with double discharge of the main vessels from the right ventricle. Tatiana is 17 years old. The child returned from Italy, where she underwent heart surgery at the Pisa clinic and was prescribed Sildenafil to improve her quality of life.

For treatment she was prescribed Sildenafil: 2.0 mg 3 p.x day. BF “Sisters of Delilah” gave her mother medicine for Tatiana.

Despite the sad history of this patient’s illness, we understand that there are more warriors for life. This is a unique occasion for local ambassadors, volunteers, officials to help. Dare to do a good deed, because treatment is expensive and in addition to the daily food ration, Tatiana needs medication. Without it, the quality of life deteriorates and the disease worsens. Preventing the disease from progressing is the main task for the attending physician, for us and Mariana’s family. Everyone must be responsible, there is nothing more valuable than life.

We work closely with the doctor responsible for the budget program in Lviv region to provide medicine for patients with pulmonary hypertension so that Tatiana can be included in the program.

Charitable assistance to the patient was given within the social program of the Pharmaceutical Company “Microchim”

Tetyana Ivashchenko