The only way out for Olena is a portable oxygen concentrator which will allow her to move. The cost of the device is 103 950 UAH. Olena and her family do not have such funds. On dobro.ua we collect part of the required amount


Medicine – September 18, 2020
On 18th October 2020 Ministry of Health received the medicine to its warehouse. Medicine “Syldenaphil” was bought for the costs of the 2019 year. The name of the preparation is “HRANPIDAM”, produced by “Akkord Heathcare Limited”, Great Britain. We are waiting for the preparation distribution by Ministry of Health to all the regions of Ukraine.
He became an Angel...
Nestor Kovalskyy, rest in peace!
European Lung Foundation (ELF) put the poster of PHURDA on the site of ELF Patient Organisation Networking Day 2020
European Lung Foundation — ELF put the posters about the activity of the pulmonary diseases patient organization on the site of ELF Patient Organization Networking Day 2020, among which there was a poster of PHURDA concerning educational social project “Beauty studio of club type "Butterfly in blue."
Gratitude to Eko Platform and its manager Olha Markiv for active support of the campaign.
We express our great gratitude to Eko Platform and its manager Olha Markiv for active support of the campaign “Cork of life”, gathering of plastic corks.
CF “Sister Dalila” has held a meeting for attraction of the volunteers.
CF “Sister Dalila” has held a common meeting with Lviv regional youth centre concerning attraction of volunteers to sharing of information about the activity of Educational social project “Beauty studio of club type "Butterfly in blue", the task of which lies in beauty services.
How one can be enrolled for a waiting list to get organ transplant in Ukraine?
"It is useful to indicate that the process can be log-lasting and requires some costs. It all started after talking to the employees of CF “Sister Dalila” – Oksana Skaara-Kulish and Andriy Huley.” – Ruslana Kryvushenko, who is under guardianship of this CF, is telling her story.
"How I have recovered from COVID-19", - Myroslava Dzyubynska, patient with pulmonary hypertension
Can the patient with pulmonary hypertension recover from COVID-19?
Already from September CF “Sister Dalila” is planning to continue the psychological trainings for PH patients
The psychological trainings will be provided in the cooperation with the Child Centre of Health named after Anna Mazurenko
Project for the support of the PH patients
We express our thanks to the not indifferent, creative volunteers, who took part in the photo shoot so that to support PH patients and helped to inform about the problematics of this rare disease.
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