Olga Romanyshyn-Oprysk, you have made the child’s dream come true. The bed is similar to the bed of the princess! This was the dream of Anita Venhrenyuk. Honestly speaking, after receiving this letter, I thought for a moment and at once asked God to help.
It was worth to see the smiling faces of my children, whom you made happier. You not only fulfilled their testamentary dreams, you opened a world of good and love to them, which despite all that happens in life, exists and to which every person is called for.
“We faithfully thank TRK PERSHYY ZAKHIDNYY for the pleasant gifts for Artemchyk)))”, - Zoryana Matkovska
“We thank Saint Mykolay for the pleasant gifts! We thank Orfannyy dzvin, Olga Tsap!”, - Viktoriya Burbura

They need help

Alla Honcharuk

Honcharuk Alla Leonidivna is from Iziaslav, where she lives today. Woman is 54 years old. She has been suffering since 2012. During this time she was examined in many clinics. The diagnosis is unambiguous: idiopathic pulmonary hypertension III. Relative insufficiency of the tricuspid valve II stage. Insufficiency of the valve of the pulmonary artery of the II stage, Mitral valve I stage, aortic valve. Sinus tachycardia.

She is currently experiencing a worsening of her condition: palpitations, shortness of breath, swelling up to knees and lower abdomen.

Alla needs treatment with drugs: Revatio, Ventavis, Spironolactone, Diacordin, Furosemide, Warfarin