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Pankiv Vasyl

Pankiv Vasyl Yaroslavovych, born in 1972. Together with his family lives in Lviv. All his life he was active, he had two jobs. In 2009 a complete blockade of the left leg of the Gissa beam was discovered. However, it was not examined. In 2016, Vasyl felt a deterioration. Diagnosis was established: dilated cardiomyopathy, implantation of the synchronizing device is recommended. In May 2018, at the Amosov Institute Vasyl carried out an operation - he was implemented with defibrillator. For several months, the deterioration - shortness of breath, fatigue, weakness, could not walk down the stairs, slight acrocyanosis. Examination  again and moderate pulmonary hypertension. Heart transplant is recommended. Now Mr. Vasyl is waiting for the decision of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to continue the treatment, namely transplantation abroad.