Olga Romanyshyn-Oprysk, you have made the child’s dream come true. The bed is similar to the bed of the princess! This was the dream of Anita Venhrenyuk. Honestly speaking, after receiving this letter, I thought for a moment and at once asked God to help.
It was worth to see the smiling faces of my children, whom you made happier. You not only fulfilled their testamentary dreams, you opened a world of good and love to them, which despite all that happens in life, exists and to which every person is called for.
“We faithfully thank TRK PERSHYY ZAKHIDNYY for the pleasant gifts for Artemchyk)))”, - Zoryana Matkovska
“We thank Saint Mykolay for the pleasant gifts! We thank Orfannyy dzvin, Olga Tsap!”, - Viktoriya Burbura

We remember them

Yurii Kravchenko

Yurii Kravchenko, born 21/08/1981, from Kharkiv diagnosed with high pulmonary hypertension.

The 18-year-old Yuri Kravchenko was diagnosed with defect of atrial septal. Then he had a surgery to transplant arteries from the left atrium to the right and plastic of heart septal.

Since then, under the supervision of doctors Yurii lived an ordinary life, but in 2011 he felt health problems. Doctors who conducted surgery, diagnosed him high pulmonary hypertension of 3 class. He was prescribed with medicines that had been resultative for a few more years.

"However, six months ago even these expensive drugs stopped giving effect. Then I took a test that showed that my heart stopped coping with the load and it was decided that I need urgent transplantation of the heart and lungs," - said Yurii.

Yurii needs treatment: "Sildenafil" - 25mg 4 times per day, "Ventavis" 2.0 (20 mcg) - 5mcg 8 times per day. Generally for a month he needs:"Sildenafil" - 150 tab. (22,058 UAH.) "Ventavis" - 60 amp. (2 package for 35250 UAH.). The total treatment cost for 1 month - 57 308 UAH.

Let's help Yurii to breathe and live!!!