We remember them

Kizyuk Mariana

     Kizyuk Mariana from the city Striy, Lviv region has became our  patient before Easter. We wish all were healthy...

     Unfortunately, quite often, we find that there are even more patients with pulmonary hypertension than we expected. All of them need urgent assistance with expensive medicines. It`s great, when there are people who feel the needs of others and listen to the call of their heart help without expecting anything in return.

      Mariana, 24-year-old girl, used to keep an active life, to drive a car and solve many questions on her own but now without parents and all concerned she can`t cope. Mariana has come  to the office of the charitable foundation of “Sister Dalila” with shortness of breath. Her health has condition deteriorated this winter, when the girl was infected with influenza. The girl is diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary hypertension. Now Mariana spends more time at home and does not drive the car as constant shortness of breath and lack of physical strength does not allow her  in 100% return to the previous life. Only medications will give Mariana a chance to follow her dream, perhaps with small steps, but to go and live in spite of everything.

     Help a young girl to breathe. She has many dreams and hopes!