The only way out for Olena is a portable oxygen concentrator which will allow her to move. The cost of the device is 103 950 UAH. Olena and her family do not have such funds. On dobro.ua we collect part of the required amount

They need help

Svitlana Malanchak

       Constant and continuous treatment for pulmonary hypertension is extremely important. Tantamount is ithe importance of overcoming the informative the barrier of this rare disease. Dear patients, overcome informative barriers together, share experiences between yourselves when fighting the disease, retell about your even the smallest victories, share stories about how you give resistance to disease. Support each other, because as well as we know "One is not a warrior."

Yesterday  Malanchak Svitlana, a woman of 44, the mother of 2 children, the students addressed to us in hope for help. She is from the village Swydnytsya, Yavoriv district, Lviv region. Diagnosis: Primary Pulmonary Hypertension.

Mrs. Svitlana has got a real military profession and every day, she, dressed in her usual uniform carries out her service with pleasure.  The woman had heard nothing about pulmonary hypertension until 2010, as  she had always considered herself a healthy person. In 2010, Mrs. Svitlana`s health condition suddenly deteriorated: unexplained shortness of breath, dizziness ... After repeated visits to doctors, a hard condition of a woman then remained unclear for both doctors and for Mrs. Svitlana hersef. It is only 2 years ago a woman was diagnosed with Primary Pulmonary Hypertension. During this time, Mr. Svitlana, like all our patients had to rethink her attitude to life, she had to 'meet' with a dangerous disease and the main to start fighting for breath, for a new morning, for her life. Her fight is still going on. Now  Mrs. Svitlana will dominate over the disease on one condition - if she treats.

Help a woman to buy drugs, the main weapon against an insidious disease because Mrs. Svitlana, though being a warrior, is not armed...