Olga Romanyshyn-Oprysk, you have made the child’s dream come true. The bed is similar to the bed of the princess! This was the dream of Anita Venhrenyuk. Honestly speaking, after receiving this letter, I thought for a moment and at once asked God to help.
It was worth to see the smiling faces of my children, whom you made happier. You not only fulfilled their testamentary dreams, you opened a world of good and love to them, which despite all that happens in life, exists and to which every person is called for.
“We faithfully thank TRK PERSHYY ZAKHIDNYY for the pleasant gifts for Artemchyk)))”, - Zoryana Matkovska
“We thank Saint Mykolay for the pleasant gifts! We thank Orfannyy dzvin, Olga Tsap!”, - Viktoriya Burbura

We remember them

Tetyana Fedosyuk

   My name is Tanya. I am  31. I live in Lviv,Ukraine, though I come from Hutsul region. I am married and have a son Rodoslavchyk who is 1 year and 3 months.

       In November, 2015. I have been put a terrifying clinical diagnosis:

Idiopathic pulmonary arterial hypertension of high degree (mPAP = 62 mm), chronic pulmonary heart under subcompensation; CH IIA, with preserved left ventricular systolic function, FC III.

       Everything began 10 years ago: the first time loss of consciousness after a long running. Nevertheless after this accident I had enough of courage to climb  the top of Hoverla mountain.

When I understood  that shortness of breath doesn`t leave me in peace when walking fast or going up the stairs, I payed a visit to  the cardiologist. He did not notice any pathology and prescribed sedative ...

        Eventually I put up with shortness of breath, but every morning I did morning exercises, Iforced myself to run; I went in for in hatha yoga.

       I have been working in Kyiv for 6 years and at the same time I have been studying at Chernivtsi University, so I recieved higher education.

       When I was 30 I gave birth to my son Rodoslav. (Doctors are amazed of this ).

After birth, my health began to deteriorate significantly ... but I decided to be examined after 12months of feeding with breast milk (my sixth sense prompted me that I couldn`t do without treatment.

       On hearing my diagnosis my health started fading on my eyes, severe shortness of breath (even without physical exercise), irregular heart beat, dizziness, loss of consciousness ...

       I felt like a broken doll walking over the edge of  black abyss ...

        In contrast, to this horrors, I have got a little boy, my sun, my joy,  my pride!

       I would like to live just a little  more, rejoicing and watching my child growing. I would like to hold his hand when he will go to the primary shool. I would have thought that one day I will have to ask your help .

        The cost of 1 month of my treatment: Sildenafil (Revatio) 90t. - 14 380 UAH, Warfarin 30t. – 93UAH, Verospiron 30t. – 225 UAH, Ventavis 16 amp. – 6000 UAH. Total: 20 608hrn.

The eminent philosopher Leo Sylenko wrote: "Life  is a fight, in fight you become stronger".

         I wish you happiness!