They need help

Zoryana Hud

           Hello to all candid people!  My name is Zoryana Hud. I am  29. I was born in 1984. Diagnosis: a congenital heartdisease, pulmonary hipertension, hepatits C.

             I am the mother of a five year old boy. Pregnancy was contraindicated to me by the physician but I decide to give birt myso desirable child. On giving birth to my child Dmytryk in 2008 I started feeling myself worse, it was difficult for me to breathe. I couldn`t go at long distances as I was short of  breath due to high lung  pressure, I just grasped rand my hands went blue.  Then I consulted docters and after a series of medical examinations in July 2013  in Kyiv “ Heart Centre Clinic”  I was put another diagnosis: hepaptitis C. It was an ordeal to me but I had to fight  against the dreadful disease. My son always gave and still gives me inspiration not to fall into despair. When he hugs me I understand, he needs me, a mother!

         The treatment is very expensive  and without your help I will not cope with the disease. In order to breathe I  need such medicines as VENTAVIS and SYLDENAFIL. My treatment per month costs 17,565 UAH. Your every help is POWER for me.