They need help

Chrystynka Makarchuk

The greatest joy for mother is to hear a cry of her newborn. This moment represents the first breath and the start of a life, and she feels unspeakable horror when she hears the silence ... During 5 years Svetlana Makarchuk lives day by day with feelings like that, as her baby daughter Christine suffers from pulmonary hypertension, a disease that makes impossible for person to breath freely.

In the age of 6 month Christine suddenly began to suffocate and faint. It were signs of the disease - pulmonary hypertension. You can't see it, but when the girl (like the other children) darts off to play, she immediately becomes out of breath. To be able to breathe, Christine requires taking medication daily, the minimum cost of which for a month is 40 thousand UAH.

Christine takes medicines - "Revatsio" and "Ventavis", total value of which for a month is at least 40 thousand UAH. The married couple admits, that over the years they have sold everything they could, they've been getting help from everyone who knows about this misfortune and wants to give a girl chance to a life, however the disease is not retreating yet. Her parents had never stopped believing that their daughter would recover, but they realise that the fight against the disease by themself is beyond their power. The family lives with hope for your help.

Monthly need medication: "Ventavis" - 10 ampoules - 4043 UAH; Sildenafil ( "Revatsyo") - 40 tab. - 10114 UAH; Cardiomagnyl -30 tab. - 50 UAH; Veroshpiron 15 tab. - 40 UAH.

                                                          TOTAL: 14 247 UAH