The Pulmonary Hypertension Association of Europe reports and warns about the COVID-19 coronavirus
At the office of CF “Sister Dalila” there was held a workshop of making a leaflet
The Ukrainian Medical Society in Lviv became a platform for communication on orphan diseases with the active assistance of the head of the medical society Oleh Duda.
The meeting of the Commission for Social Protection of the Population and ATO Participants at the Lviv Regional State Administration was held. During the meeting, we, the PH Urda representatives, together with members of the Commission, heard a report from the LODA Department of Social Protection for 2019.
On Rare Disease Day - February 29th The Orphan Bell movement got its own logo

They need help


1. Project in 2020 "Support against coronavirus- 2020".

The project envisages raising funds for the urgent needs of Lviv hospitals:

- protective clothing for doctors (price for 1 piece - 420 UAH).
- protective face shields (price for 1 piece - 339 UAH).
- oxygen concentrators for patients (price for 1 piece - from 17000 UAH).

Expected amount - 50000 UAH.

All purchased personal protective equipment and medical equipment will be donated to Lviv Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, Lviv Regional Clinical Hospital according to the needed.

In case the project is not implemented or if there are any remainders of funds, these will be used for the Foundation's statutory activities, the needs of patients with pulmonary hypertension.

Daily report on collecting funds: 


Article about the project on the online media"Forpost": 


2. Project in 2019 "Buy breath for Yana".

Project description: https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/4726/

3. Project in 2018 році "Alina's fight for breath continue".

Project description: https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/3789/

4. Project in 2017 році "Mother of 5 kids will die without medication".

Project description: https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/3584/

4. Project in 2017 році "Let's gift Nestor a breath!".

Project description: https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/3524/

5.Project in 2015 "Gift Khrystynka a breath".

Project description: https://ubb.org.ua/uk/project/1824/

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