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On Rare Disease Day - February 29th The Orphan Bell movement got its own logo

On Rare Diseases Day - February 29, the # orphan bell movement received its own logo !!!
Not only did we create a plan of action and a roadmap, we created a special symbol. Each of the participants in the round table: patients, officials, experts, who left their mark on our makeshift banner, became the author of the Orphan Bell logo, part of our community.
It's not just a logo, it's a creation of us all !!! Now it needs to be digitized, that is, to make a real logo that will flicker during the activities of the community of Orphan patients. So now we are on the lookout for who can help us with digitizing our bell)
Together, we make a big difference. Thank you to everyone who joined our initiative.
Special thanks to photographer Marta Talan for bright and memorable photos.

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