The only way out for Olena is a portable oxygen concentrator which will allow her to move. The cost of the device is 103 950 UAH. Olena and her family do not have such funds. On dobro.ua we collect part of the required amount


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On December 18 Charitable Foundation of "Sister Dalila" were lucky to be at holiday dedicated to the St. Nicolas

On December 18, the  charitable Foundation of "Sister Dalila” was lucky to visit the  holiday dedicated to the  Saint Nicholas Day, which was held at the  District Railroad Administration of  Lviv City Council. The event was attended by children from large and poor families, by children whose parents participated in the ATO, by  children- migrants from the Crimea and the East. Every child addressed to Nicholas warmly, praising him in verses and songs. At the holiday, we had the honor to  meet with  the St. Nicholas personally and also to meet angels. We even saw  three evil devils, they were very afraid of  the St. Nicholas, because they were disobedient. Perhaps, they were upset because of their nasty behavior when they saw how  the kind St. Nicholas was  taking presents out  of his red sack and giving them to obedient children..

We are once again convinced of how boundlessly the kids love the St. Nicholas and how much they have been waiting for gifts from him.

It was an  interesting entertaining programe: the stunning performance of an acrobatic duet "Smiles" , funny entertainment of the  talented clown, the workshop on mystical magician tricks. The crowd which consisted mostly of children and their parents were thrilled and happy.  No one hid  emotions. Children like purple noses especially which we handed out at the holiday. By the way, the purple color is symbolic for charitable foundation of  "Sister Dalila" because it is the color of pulmonary hypertension.

 We did not  see any sad faces at the holiday, everyone was happy and satisfied because St. Nicholas came to everyone.

What  only warmth those children's eyes warth that with gratitude and admiration were addressed to St. Nicholas, who gave them a long-awaited present. At that moment it seemed as if there existed nothing for a child: the real world disappeared and the kid was transferred to the world of his dreams and fairy tale, where the principal was St. Nicholas. What honor for the child was to stand next to the Saint and just see Him. No wonder, because children have been  waiting for him  for  all the year

Thank you to all who gave children a fairy tale! We thank  to the eneterprise “Yuzkiv”  for  gifts, and  we are grateful to Mrs. Svitlana for juices Galicia, which we handed over  to children. Together with the gifts we gave them our ray of warmth. And  have you already shared your ray of warmth with kids?


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