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Lviv City Charitable Foundation of "Sister Dalila" with the Assistance of Lviv City Council Managed to Implement a Project on Citylights Depicting the Problem of Pulmonary Hypertension

      Lviv City Charitable Foundation of "Sister Dalila" with the assistance of Lviv City Council, namely Lviv City Center of Social Services for Families, Children and Youth, represented by Oksana Andriivna Rubai, managed to  implement a project to the Day of Rare Diseases.

        The project aims to overcome the informative barrier in orphan nosology, such as pulmonary hypertension.

        Rare Disease Day was first held by the European Alliance for Rare diseases - EURODIS, February 29, 2008.

        During February 2015 on the territory of Lviv city there are citylights depicting a child suffering from pulmonary hypertension, with the inscription of  "Pulmonary Hypertension - when the air is left aside."

        Each patient interprets the concept of  his or her illness in different ways, but the matter is the same –there is always lack of oxygen, resulting in shortness of breath, bluish limbs, fast physical fatigue, loss of consciousness.

        This girl, like hundreds of others,  needs  the  attraction of attention  of the  state and the surrounding.

        It should be noted that a person without oxygen can live 5-7 minutes, and PH patient  can can live up to 3 years without drugs.

Here are  street addresses where you can see our citylights:

1  Horodotska Street, 42

2. Soborna Square, opposite №7

3.  Bandera Street, 26

4. Lypneva Square, 4

5. Kropyvnytskiy Square - intersection with  Sheptytskiys Street

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