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Invasport-Lviv about the campaign "Cork for life"

Join the campaign "Cork for life

The campaign is perpetual and consists in a mass gathering by residents of the city of plastic corks from bottles, yoghurt, pens, creams, medicines and transfering them to the of the recycling company.

The aim is to help people suffering from pulmonary hypertension and purge the city from the most widespread today rubbish - plastic. Funds raised for collecting corks would be transferred to account of CF of "Sister Delilah" for purchasing of essential medicines for patients with pulmonary hypertension. Information about the campaign "Cork for life" is available at: http://poryatunok.info/uk/

and in social networks: https://vk.com/sestry_dalily,https://www.facebook.com/poryatunok.

Places of collection of corks:

1. Lviv City Council – Rynok square, 1.

2. Regional Administration:

1) Galytska Administration – List st., 1

2) Zaliznychna Administration - Vyhovskoho st.,34

3) Lychakivska Administration – Levytskoho st., 67

4) Sykhivska Administration - Ch.Kalyny st., 66

5) Frankivska Administration - Henerala Chuprynky st., 85

6) Shevchenkivska Administration – Lypynskoho st., 11

3. Schools.

4. Baby Planet (Sky Park) – Stryyska st., 202

5. Arena Lviv – Stryyska st., 199

6. Park named after B.Hmelnytskoho – Bolharska st., 4

7. Lviv National Library of Stefanik - Stefanika st., 2.

8. The central office of "Association of Samopomich" - Mickiewicz sq., 6/7.

9. Office of "Association of Samopomich" in Sykhivskiy district - Chervonoyi Kalyny st., 64.

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