How to help?


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In order to help, you have many possibilities. The maine is the desire deause this is a moving power!

We ivite to contribute to the charity all open-hearted people: patrons and sponsors, volunteers, and media 

We ask patrons and sponsors to transfer funds to our fund`s account; 
We ask volunteers to get involved in all sorts of activities:

help patients about the house (buying products, cleaning in the house, help with childcare)
visit orphanages.
We ask the media in covering the needs of our foundation in all kinds of media (television, radio and press) for a broader involvement of patrons and sponsors.

When transferring money to our Foundation:

Please, take into account that when transferring money  to the account of our foundation you agree with the rules of the foundation of providing and receiving charity, namely: if you can not use money according to their the purpose, the foundation may use the resources for other patients (children or adults) under the  consideration of charitable foundation of “Sister Dalila”.


  What should make you be on  alert if you plan to help others funds:

1. There are no name and surname of the patient.

2. There are no contacts of hospitals and doctors` name  on the account, sent from the clinic.

3. The necessary sum of money is given but there are no the destination of money.

4.  The patient insists that he or she requires a specific sum of money for drugs because the doctor prescribed so (p.s.: any doctor can`t prescribe costs needed for the treatment as according to he law the  treatment is free. Your doctor may only prescribe you the necessary drugs and diagnostics.

5. The documents which the patient displays  date back for  more than a month ago.



If you donate money or anything else, you have the right to specify for whom and for what you donate your money or else. If you give cash into the parents` or volunteers hands, you have the right to ask for a receipt of the transfer, if the person refuses to give a receipt, it is better not to give any donation.

If you give cash into the parents` or volunteers hands, without clearly specifying where money will be spend, be aware that they will be spend not only on medicine but also on transport (taxi from the hospital to home or on a trip for an examination) on food, on child`s clothes. The enumerated above are also the components of treatment.

If you transfer money into the foundation`s account, so any fundation at the end of the year should give a full report on the use of the money together  with its rceipt. According to the law, if the foundation refuses to do this, do not trust this fund.

If there is a stated purpose of the transfer, for example, money are purposed for  Ivanko, so the foundation doesn`t have the right to transfer these money to anyone else only to him.

What concerns the needs described on the website: the needs in  drugs mst always be confirmed by the attending physician (by prescription, by  phone calls, by personal meeting).

Without doctor`s confirmation that these or those  drugs are needed together with their dosing, no drugs aregiven to parents. Unfortunately, there are sad cases when parents themselves  think up treatment for their children.

If you want to help, please, take into account the written above!