CF “Sister Dalila” offers wonderful cloth masks, received from PHA Europe with PH logo for a charitable donation starting of 100 hryvnyas.
CF “Sister Dalila” needs help of volunteers for sorting of plastic corks. The date: on the 26th -28th of November. Please, come and help a time comfortable to you to sort plastic corks from the waste: metal corks, batteries, plastic that are not accepted for recycling.
PH Portugal will hold S+S Walking of Hope on November 27, 28 and 29. However, since we are in the middle of the Awareness Month for Pulmonary Hypertension, PH Portugal wanted to mark it symbolically and organizes S+S Walking of Hope on November, 27, 28 and 29.
CF “Sister Dalila” continues receiving letters to Saint Mykolay from children. Maybe, do you have a possibility, desire and time to take part in this good act?


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European Lung Foundation (ELF) put the poster of PHURDA on the site of ELF Patient Organisation Networking Day 2020

       European Lung Foundation — ELF put the posters about the activity of the pulmonary diseases patient organization on the site of ELF Patient Organization Networking Day 2020, among which there was a poster of PHURDA concerning educational social project “Beauty studio of club type "Butterfly in blue." (https://www.europeanlungpatientorgday2020.com/posters).

 It is a great opportunity for patient organization to share their activities concerning support of PH patients. ELF was founded by European Respiratory Society – ERS in 2000 as a ground for combined activities of the patients, the public and experts in the field of pulmonary diseases, the aim of whom was having positive influence on respiratory medicine. (https://www.europeanlung.org/ru/)

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