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Conference of the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum - 2020

Conference of the Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum - 2020
24.10 at the cozy Creative Women Space in Kyiv
The Ukrainian Philanthropists Forum team gathered representatives from the charity sector to hear wishes to fill the forthcoming UFB-2020 Conference: topical themes, target audience, desired speakers.
We heard the initial request from the participants of the meeting: 1) Partnership with government, business, charity sector; 2) What is the reform of social services? 3) Projects of social services combined with social entrepreneurship; 4) How to change a person's thinking about charity?
Topical questions were written out: 1) Social reform; 2) Power-business charity sector (hereinafter sector); 3) Trends in the sector; 4) National and local level of the sector; 5) Resources of the sector; 6) Level of involvement of citizens in the sector; 7) Healthy competition, cooperation, sector communication; 8) Charity culture (education).
Among the topical questions, each participant was able to choose for themselves the Priority and in groups to work on a plan of coverage, discussion of this issue during the UFB-2020 Conference, and the answer to the question.
When discussing the resources of the sector, it was very important to hear from Irina Gutsal that the resource is not the money, but the people who work in charity and their emotional burnout.
Therefore, it is very important to hold a panel on emotional burnout for the charity sector during the UFB-2020 Conference.
This is a very topical topic for us and all the charities.
Thank you very much to UBB Polina Nyukhina from the PH Urda Sisters of the Dalila Sisters Foundation for inviting you to discuss the completion of the upcoming UBB-2020 Conference.

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