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Buy medicines yourself !!!

Buy medicines yourself !!! How long will this "theater of absurdity" continue? Again, there is no medicines for pulmonary hypertension, namely sildenafil. Public procurement by the Ministry of Health does not cover all needs. There are no regional programs that would cover the deficit. What should a patient do? - Interrupt the vital treatment and wait ??? !!! Because somewhere someone did not fulfill their duties in time !!! When we explained and proved the necessity and importance of the regional program, first we heard in response that there was no need for the regional program, then "Everything will be fine", but now people are again balancing between life and death, because they are forced to abruptly interrupt the treatment of life necessary medications. And can a patient be allowed to stop treatment? When a medicine instruction reads specific intervals and doses. So, someone's action or indifference endangers the lives of people, children and adults.

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