Olga Romanyshyn-Oprysk, you have made the child’s dream come true. The bed is similar to the bed of the princess! This was the dream of Anita Venhrenyuk. Honestly speaking, after receiving this letter, I thought for a moment and at once asked God to help.
It was worth to see the smiling faces of my children, whom you made happier. You not only fulfilled their testamentary dreams, you opened a world of good and love to them, which despite all that happens in life, exists and to which every person is called for.
“We faithfully thank TRK PERSHYY ZAKHIDNYY for the pleasant gifts for Artemchyk)))”, - Zoryana Matkovska
“We thank Saint Mykolay for the pleasant gifts! We thank Orfannyy dzvin, Olga Tsap!”, - Viktoriya Burbura

About the Foundation

The "Sister  Dalila" Foundation  is a charitable organization established by Kulish Oksana who suffers from pulmonary hypertension. That's why she knows very well how to balance between the life and death every day. On one of these days when she seemed that tomorrow might not come she promised to dedicate her life to help others if God would save her life. In February 2014 there appeared a foundation in Lviv that took care about people suffering first of all from pulmonary hypertension. And it was called in honor of nun - Sister Dalila, who was beside Oksana during the hardest times, supporting her faith and hope.

All those who work for the Foundation today keep the principal "there is no other's grief" and it is said that greef devided in half is just a half of a grief. So, if it is possible we help all who is in need.

“We set many goals, and most important that we would like to convey - there are no hopeless situations and no doomed people - there is someone's indifference. But it is worth taking a small step towards your neighbor and tomorrow will definitely give a hope” - says the chair of the Foundation Oksana Kulish.

We knock every door, and all hearts, seeking kindness and salvation, and we know that you will respond, because by rescuing even one single person, we will actually save the whole world.