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A gift from Chrystyna, the Patient of the Charitable Foundation of "Sister Dalila"

       It is important in our life not to lose a piece of  humanity, not to lose faith in doing good deeds, because it returns back in one hundred times. It is necessary for only one person to start doing good deeds and for sure, there will be someone who will take the relay.

        We thank to Mrs. Svetlana, the  mother of Chrystyna Makarchuk, the patient of the Foundation of  "Sister Dalila" who hands over the oxygen concentrator CANTA HG3-W (purchased at her own costs) to the ownership of CF of “Sister Dalila”. The oxygen concentrator is not currently needed by her little daughter.

          The Charitable Foundation "Sister Dalila" will definitely give  it for use to those who the most need it . This gift from Crystynka can save someone`s life.

        It is great that there are people who despite their small financial capacity, despite their problems and concerns - do good. This once again proves that for the charity one should have only one- desire!


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