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On April the 2-nd in the

      On April the 2-nd in the  "Volter" Hotel, in Lviv there took place a symbolic photo session in support of patients with pulmonary hypertension. The patients of the Charitable Foundation of "Sister Dalila" and its employees, as well as the world-famous celebrities took part in the photo session.

       Her solidarity to PH patients revealed Roxolana Dzjoba-Balyan, the Ukrainian European champion in archery in wheelchairs, International Master of Sports, the winner of the National's Hero Award - "Pride of the Country 2011" and to crown it all the mother of two children ... Strong will and morale - are the features that characterize a champion, these are the qualities that are needed in the fight against pulmonary hypertension.

        Roksolana`s support was as important as the support of Anton Datsko - a Paralympic Games medalist, a multiple World and European champion in fencing on wheelchairs. Anton is quite modest, but as you know famous was not indifferent to the problems of patients with PH, so he agreed to take part in a photo session. It was nice to watch how attentively he listened to stories about our patients.

       Dear patients, as far as we know there are football fans among you,  so you were  supported by Igor Hudob'yak, the Ukrainian footballer, midfielder of FC "Karpaty". He is organized and disciplined. When he was talking with us Igor surprised us with his modesty and desire to listen to the problems of patients. The support for patients is really valuable when it comes from the heart.

       Equally significant for patients with pulmonary hypertension was the participation of  children from Invasport (Lviv regional center of physical culture and sports for the disabled) in a photo shoot . Great future and great achievements await these children.. Definitely, for children suffering from pulmonary hypertension such support is extremely important, because many accomplishments and reasons for the society to be proud of them only there would by medications ...

       Parents of children from Invasport and parent of PH diseased child took part in the photo session. We are very much obliged to you.

       Emotions during the photo session were incredible. Everyone wanted to take a picture with a celebrity, it was very interesting, because our celebrities are good exanmples to follow, they are our great pride and the main they are sincere people with a kind heart.

        Thank you to everyone who supported and supports patients with pulmonary hypertension! We thank our photographer - Mr. Roman, who made beautiful photos for recollections, and especial thank you to a makeup artist -  Helen Halchuk from school beauty «Ego Style» beauty school.

       Special thanks to the management of the hotel «Volter» for allocated room for a photo shoot.

       Thank you that you are making the life  of patients with pulmonary hypertension better!

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