The only way out for Olena is a portable oxygen concentrator which will allow her to move. The cost of the device is 103 950 UAH. Olena and her family do not have such funds. On dobro.ua we collect part of the required amount


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“Thank you, Saint Mykolay!!!!, - Nadiya Nus

“Thank you, Saint Mykolay!!!! I faithfully want to address to all the helpers of Saint Mykolay…you have made many more…you have reminded us how it is important to thank, smile, cry from joy, make presents, do not forget about the mercy. You are a spark and heat in all of the children’s hearts!

Saint Mykolay, thank you for everything!!!

As I am touched by the letter of my son…I am touched more when my son has seen the gift..

This day love and smile grew..

From today I am making a decision – everyday make mercy.

I love you!!!”, - Nadiya Nus

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